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Insuring teenage drivers

As you may already know, getting a car insurance policy for a teenage driver can be quite costly. Drivers younger than 25 years old are considered to be more risky for insurers because according to statistics this group of drivers is most often involved in at-fault accidents. Car insurance companies tend to limit their expenditures applying higher fees for younger drivers of age 16-24 if compared to other age groups.

One of the options to reduce car insurance expenditures for young drivers is adding your teenager to your insurance policy when he or she gets a driver's license. This still can be a costly move but the teenage driver can use certain advantages of being included in your policy (especially if your insurer provides multiple-driver discounts).

Including your teen to your auto insurance policy when you have an expensive car will be even more costly. In this case you can consider buying a less costly auto for your teen and purchasing a separate policy for that vehicle rather than including him or her to your policy. Some types of car insurance coverage including collision and comprehensive coverage, older and less-costly cars are regarded less risky by insurance companies, because the costs of repairing such vehicles are considerably lower if compared to newer and more expensive cars. The lower the risk your car poses to the insurance company the lower are your insurance rates.

The best way to find out which is the best insurance offer is comparing the options at different insurance companies. You can do it by contacting insurance companies directly or using one of numerous websites providing auto insurance quotes. When discussing auto insurance you'll have to provide the exact make, model, production year and certain technical characteristics to get the most precise quotes. Having exact quotes will help you decide on whether you need a separate policy or can add your teens to an already existing one. You will also be able to determine what car to by according to insurance expenditures. Try getting auto insurance quotes for both possible situations from the same insurers: a separate policy and addition to an existing policy.

Make sure that the young driver has the necessary skills to drive a car safely. After finishing the Teen Driver Education consider enrolling your teen in a Driver Improvement Course. By doing so you can take advantage of auto insurance discounts offered by insurers. But what is really important with this course is that you make your teen a better and more responsible driver who knows how to act on the road and avoid accidents.

And don't forget to shop around with different insurance companies. Try getting as many auto insurance quotes as possible. You'll be surprised to find out that the rates will vary significantly, sometimes by hundreds of dollars for the same amount of coverage. And who wants to spend this extra money for nothing?